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The Bird Box by Josh Mallerman

How does a mother act and react in a brave new world where seeing is simply not an option? Josh Malerman explores this possibility in Bird Box where parallel story lines told concurrently --one post apocalyptic the other happening as civilization's fragility comes apart-- provide a glimpse into protagonist Malorie thinking about meeting challenges in a life that no one, not least of all a single mother, is prepared for.

There will be inevitable comparison's to Cormac McCarthy's The Road and Alfred Hitcock's The Birds. These would be misleading.

Even similarities to Lovecraftian horror, specifically the "Creatures" of Bird Box whose direct encounters leads humanity to the self immolating insanity induced death, is fleeting.

Malerman's storytelling is at times languid in relating to the visceral and at other times reflective in relating to the elegiac. Despite the deliberately mixed nature it is a hard to put down and easy to read page turner that is well suited for screen adaptation.


3 out of 5 Sukasa Stars

Bird Box is published by Harper Collins Canada

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