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Books Dad will love for Father's Day

1. The Full Ridiculous

A hilarious, compelling novel about love, family and the precarious business of being a man. 

2. 149 Paintings You Have To See In Europe

Did you know the Guernica was done in only four weeks? It was Picasso's contribution to the Republican cause and paid for the government. Travelling can be fun, but travelling on a time schedule makes things difficult to plan. Perfect for Dad planning on a lifetime of travel. 

3. The Martian

It’s been touted as Apollo 13 meets Cast Away because of it’s gripping detailed, brilliantly ingenious man-vs-nature survival thriller, set on the surface of Mars. And, it doesn’t disappoint. Engineered with exhaustive details, yet humanly down-to-earth, Andy Weir’s The Martian is a book for the space geek whose heart palpitates at the mere mention of space travel. 

4. The Time Traveller's Almanac 

Travel through the past century and a half. Starting from the nascent beginning of genre itself, in a way this book can be seen as a cultural almanac. 

5. Michael Jackson Whiskey

From grain to glass, Whiskey tells you everything and anything you'll ever want to know about whiskey, from storing and serving whiskey, whiskey cocktails, to pairing whiskey with food. This is the most fascinating examination of whiskey on the market. More...

6. Your Fathers, Where Are They? And The Prophets, Do They Live Forever? 

From David Eggers, best-selling author of The Circle, a tightly controlled, emotionally searching novel. It's a daring, brilliantly executed story of one man struggling to make sense of his country, seeking answers the only way he knows how.