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Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline

How far will a father go to protect his son?

In Lisa Scottoline’s new book you will find out. Jake Buckman is a family man, with outstanding morals and a natural instinct to do what’s right. Like any father who has a teenage son, Jake wishes he and his son could be closer.

Late one night as Jake goes to pick up Ryan from a suburban movie theatre, the unthinkable happens. A car accident that threatens to destroy their lives. Jake makes a decision that he thinks will protect his family.

But, telling one lie is never enough.

The repercussions of that one decision, start to haunt him and his son, as the news of the accident pours out into the small suburban community.

Just when Jake thinks he’s got everything under control, things start to spiral again.

How will they keep this secret? Should they tell the truth?

This was a fast, enjoyable read. I felt though the book cover didn’t do the book justice. Looking at it, I was under the impression it was a younger romance story. But, that’s so far from the truth.

This emotionally-charged story about relationships, justice and moral dilemmas is bound to be a great Spring read.


Keep Quiet by Lisa Scottoline is published by St. Martin's Press. Distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books
4 out of 5 Sukasa Stars

Review by @ShilpaRaikar for @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)