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Afterparty by Daryl Gregory

Get ready for one loopy ride. Afterparty is the next quantum leap beyond cyberpunk.

Set in Toronto, the story follows the Smart Drug revolution. Designer drugs take over the human mind and zap it of it’s potential, creating a range of emotions that are can be labeled anything from insanity to closeness with God. There are talking teddy bears, flashbacks, sidebars and even an imaginary physician in the form of a bird, all making this a dizzyingly profound read.

Yet it is believable. It is a glimpse into the future that is bone chillingly real, as Daryl Gregory combines the best of metaphysics, brain science, and pharmaceutical to create a novel that is intelligently written, defying any norm in writing style.

A seventeen-year old girl finds God through a new brain-altering designer drug called Numinous, used as a sacrament by a new Church that preys on the underclass.

Her arrest leads her into a detention facility. And, to her suicide.

Before Francine’s untimely death, a friendship of sorts ensued between her and another patient in the detention facility called Lyda Rose. Lyda seems to be extremely shaken by the suicide and requests to be let out of the detention centre immediately, even though she only has two more months left to complete her sentence.

Lyda opts instead to have a chip implanted in her to track her for a year, monitoring her blood alcohol levels and whereabouts.

“A mind-bending and violent chase across Canada and the US, Afterparty is a marvelous mix of William Gibson’s Neuromancer, Philip K. Dick’s Ubik, and perhaps a bit of Peter Watts’s Starfish: a last chance to save civilization, or die trying.”


Afterparty by Daryl Gregory is published Tom Doherty Associates. Distributed in Canada by Raincoast Books
4 out of 5 Sukasa Stars

Review by @ShilpaRaikar for @SukasaReads (a division of @SukasaStyle)