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Canada Reads 2014: And the winner is...

What is the one book that will inspire social change in Canada?

Last year, Indian Horse didn't win the coveted title despite high hopes by the Canadian audience about it being the novel that every Canadian should read. 

But this year, Canada Reads 2014 chose The Orenda as the book to inspire social change in Canada. If you haven't read it yet, check out our SukasaReads Review

Currently a new hashtag is making its round on Twitter: #WabKinewforPrimeMinister

And, if that were true it seems that a lot of people (including Samantha Bee, Sarah Gadon, and even yours truly) would definitely vote for Wab Kinew. Well-spoken, effortlessly articulating his ideas with gusto and conviction, yet not alienating the other books in the competition in the manner we've seen in previous Canada Reads competitions, is what makes this man the one to inspire change in our country, period. Stephen Lewis downplayed it a bit and said, "Wab Kinew is only 32, he has a lifetime of contribution ahead of him." But whatever the case, he makes his case with intellectual smarts that tugs right at your heart's strings.

Wab Kinew believes that we have to stop seeing each other as the other and we have to see each other with the same passions. He feels that the indigenous worldview is always inclusive. You don't have to be just one or the other. We aren't just environmentalists...we can be so much more than one thing. 

In the question and answer period, Jian Ghomeshi told Stephen Lewis that he disagreed with him about the torture scenes in The Orenda, stating "The violence is what makes those scenes stay with me." 

Even though Samantha Bee's book Cockroach went head-to-head with The Orenda in the final round of Canada Reads 2014, she admits that she really loved The Orenda. She says there were oppositional forces in her heart going into the debates today. 

At the discussion after the debates, Samantha Bee gracefully acknowledged her other competitors saying, "I came into this to learn something about myself, and you are all my teachers." 

And one of the best moments of the day was Samantha's closing argument where she spoke in defense of Cockroach: 

Other memorable moments: 


And finally: 

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You can always stream the debates at CBC Books.