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An enchanting evening with the author of The Enchanted

On the eve of the release of her book, Rene Denfeld graced the offices of Harper Collins Toronto. A professional death penalty investigator and journalist, she has just published her first novel The Enchanted published by Harper Collins, and Publishers Weekly calls it "A stunning first novel." 

Judging by the turnout in the room for this event (on a stormy Toronto evening nonetheless), it is quite clear that there just may be something special to this beautiful book designed with horses on the cover. 

But, don't be fooled by the horses, Rene Denfeld is quick to point out.
"This book is not about horses." 

As Rene Denfeld talks about her work as a death penalty investigator, it is clear that she seems to have a natural flair for investigative journalism, and even a greater compassion for hope and justice. She feels like she's constantly immersed in other peoples lives and grief. 

Her inspiration for The Enchanted comes from her tireless journey uncovering the truth and giving hope to death row inmates and their families. Things are not always black and white, and she sees a lot of problems with the death penalty. 
"Everyone wants to be seen and heard," she says.

There was one particular thing Rene Denfeld said that struck me personally, and I think it sums up here novel The Enchanted perfectly. 
"I am amazed at the human ability to find joy and magic...To find the enchantment in life." 

Here are some of the live tweets you may enjoy from the event last night.

The Enchanted is published by Harper Collins.

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