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NIGHT FILM by Marisha Pessl

There’s been a lot of talk about Night Film and even though I didn’t know a lot about it before I indulged into the terrifying depths of this story, it was well worth the unknown. This excerpt from the trailer reveals a bit about the story of a beautiful young girl, Ashley Cordova who is found dead in an abandoned warehouse in lower Manhattan. Her father is the legendary Stanislas Cordova, famed film director of 15 psychological thrillers. But the burning question behind Night Film, is who exactly is Stanislas Cordova. Perhaps an excerpt from the book’s trailer may draw some clues.

“As a director, Cordova has a unique place in the film world. Either you love his work, or you’re too terrified to go near it. He’s hypnotic because he’s hidden. Cordova lives, thrives, underground. He’s a threat to society because he isn’t selling anything. His power exists in the way he reveals us, to us. He shows us that no matter who we are, or just stumbling around in the dark unable to see but a few feet ahead. Just get into it, Cordova sings to his fans. Enter the Night Film. Many believe that Cordova the man does not even exist. That he’s a corporate invention for the masses to consume and fear, like God. I had a good friend who went after Cordova, the investigative journalist Scott McGrath. He wanted to see once and for all, what actually went on behind that curtain.”

I don’t want to give too much away about the book. It’s a new type of storytelling – laden with smart use of new media. So, I thought I’d do a different kind of post and post some of the excerpts I posted on Twitter while I was reading the book. So courtesy of @SukasaReads there are no spoilers here, but perhaps few glimpses into #NightFilm may intrigue you or frighten you.

"We had to protect her. Though in the end, protection is just another cage." #NightFilm | #SukasaReads

"Life can be so cruel. It doles out just enough hope to keep you going, like a small cup of water & 1 slice of bread" #NightFilm #SukasaReads

"The dark side of life always has a way of finding us anyway, so stop chasing it" #NightFilm | #SukasaReads
"Like all toxic love affairs, you need to take a break before you go back in for more pain and heartbreak" #NightFilm | #SukasaReads

"It'll drive you mad, which in some ways is worse than death." #NightFilm | #SukasaReads

"It pulls apart the closest friends, isolates you, pits you against the world so you're driven to the margins" #NightFilm | #SukasaReads

"This is a summons to those watching to break out of your locked room, real or imagined" #NightFilm by @marishapessl | @RandomHouseCA

"Sleep will kill you. It's the drug your body gives you before closing off shop" #NightFilm by @marishapessl | @RandomHouseCA

"This truth I'd been chasing, slowly it was becoming my own" #NightFilm by @marishapessl | @RandomHouseCA

"Time leeches most horror and pain from our memories"#NightFilm by @marishapessl | @RandomHouseCA

"Her eyes, they were so beautiful and yet so..,Old. They'd seen too much." #NightFilm by @marishapessl | @RandomHouseCA

"The two percent of the world's richest people have over half if the world's wealth" #NightFilm by @marishapessl | @RandomHouseCA

"NY might be the city that never slept, but the well heeled residents of the Upper East Side got tucked into their bespoke sheets around 10"
"Cordova was a creative eccentric holed up in an isolated estate, basically a Petri dish for cultivating the weird & outlandish" #NightFilm
Goofer Dust: "It'll drive you mad, which in some ways is worse than death." #NightFilm by Marisha Pessl * #SukasaReads

Inez Gallo: This is a summons to those watching to break out of your locked room, real or imagined. #NightFilm @marishapessl #SukasaReads

Goofer Dust: "It pulls apart the closest friends, isolates you, pits you against the world so you're driven to the margins. #NightFilm

"Only the greatest of personal demons can force you to do powerful work" #NightFilm by @marishapessl #SukasaReads

"It is a truth universally acknowledged that no actor ever tires of hearing they were brilliant in a role" #NightFilm by @marishapessl

Goofer Dust: "It's really powerful because it eats away at your mind w/o even realizing it, poisoning your reasoning & your love. #NightFilm

"Apparently many New Yorkers had given up on shrinks and yoga and thought, Hell, let's try magic, because the store was crowded." #NightFilm

"Simply posing a question, the mind automatically answered with the darkest responses imaginable" #NightFilm by Marisha Pessl | #RandomHouse

"Secrets - even in hardened criminals, they were just air pockets lodged under debris at the bottom of an ocean" #NightFilm #SukasaReads

"Maybe she was like one of those sweaters w an innocent thread hanging off of it: one pull, the whole thing unravelled" #NightFilm #SReads

But this being the era of fish pouts & spray-on tans, she was pretty,certainly,but old-fashioned - a turn-of-the-century Twiggy. #NightFilm

"We're living longer, we social network alone with our screens, and our depth of feeling gets shallower." #NightFilm by Marisha Pessl

"Questioning him was always a rain dance around a campfire, requiring a delicate touch and three or four bottles of this vodka" #NightFilm

"The notes weren't played," he went on. "They were poured from a Grecian urn." #NightFilm Marissa Pessl |#SukasaReads #piano @RandomHouseCA

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." ~ Confucius | #NightFilm by Marisha Pessl | #SukasaReads | @RandomHouseCA

"I was being ironic." "There's no irony in television, Scott." #NightFilm by Marisha Pessl #SukasaReads #TheSocialCTV