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NIGHT FILM by Marisha Pessl

There’s been a lot of talk about Night Film and even though I didn’t know a lot about it before I indulged into the terrifying depths of this story, it was well worth the unknown. This excerpt from the trailer reveals a bit about the story of a beautiful young girl, Ashley Cordova who is found dead in an abandoned warehouse in lower Manhattan. Her father is the legendary Stanislas Cordova, famed film director of 15 psychological thrillers. But the burning question behind Night Film, is who exactly is Stanislas Cordova. Perhaps an excerpt from the book’s trailer may draw some clues.
“As a director, Cordova has a unique place in the film world. Either you love his work, or you’re too terrified to go near it. He’s hypnotic because he’s hidden. Cordova lives, thrives, underground. He’s a threat to society because he isn’t selling anything. His power exists in the way he reveals us, to us. He shows us that no matter who we are, or just stumbling around in the dark unable to see but a few f…

Perfect by Rachel Joyce

In 1972 two seconds were added to time. Were they to blame for what happened next?
Byron Hemming’s best friend James Lowe told him it was to balance the clock with the movement of the earth. Byron considered James the smartest guy in school, so naturally he hung on to his every word even though he feared the worst. “The idea appalled him. And even though James had talked about how exciting this was…the thought of tampering with the natural order of things has grown and grown in Byron’s mind. Time was what held the world together. It kept life as it should be.”And then it happened. Late for school one day, Byron’s mother makes a devastating mistake. Byron’s perfect world is shattered by the two added seconds to time. But it seems that only he has noticed that time has changed and his life has followed suit. He is ridden with worry to fix the deadly mistake his mom has made in those two extra seconds, but he doesn’t know how to right the wrong. He can’t tell James, who for one seems preoc…

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