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3000 Powerful Words and Phrases for Effective Performance Reviews

For anyone who manages a team or is in a position of leadership, this book from Ten Speed Press is for you. I received the book from Net Galley so I read most of it online. But I really look forward to having a hard copy of this on my reference shelf, to use as a benchmark and guide in the future.

Performance reviews are one of the best tools managers have to shape company talent and culture, develop strong channels of communication with employees, and create systemic change. Sandra E. Lamb is a former CEO, speaker and consultant, so she understands the corporate stratosphere, and teaches you how to create an effective scoring system.

As a manager you will also benefit from the insightful suggestions on how you can evaluate personal skills, core competencies, and personality traits, so you can help your employees change bad habits developed over a lifetime. This will help your employees make effective changes and ensure the growth and success of your company.

But the advice is not only for the employees, it’s also for the managers. Sandra E. Lamb suggests that careful listening will give you the opportunity to create dialogue that can springboard into making significant improvements. In addition, setting goals is an important first step in improving performance. Goals are helpful to improve critical work processes and procedures, reduce errors, increase innovation and increase peer and departmental relationships.

What is of value in any setting is the ability to keep open lines of communication so that when review day comes it is neither a rude surprise for the employee nor a tedious chore for the manager. If you want to be a successful manager, you have to not only connect with your employees and reinforce positive behavior, but you need a reference manual from time to time, to ensure you are on track moving your career and company forward.

Publication Date: August 27, 2013.