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An intimate evening with Ruth Ozeki at Penguin Canada

Recently, Chatelaine and Penguin Canada hosted author Ruth Ozeki in Toronto. Well spoken, smart and worldly, Ruth graced us with a reading from her new book A Tale for the Time Being. The cover is undeniably captivating, but equally as captivating is listening to Ruth Ozeki read the prose from the book. She jokes that authors don't usually get to read for their audio books, but she managed to get them to cave because she added just enough Japanese into the novel. But don't just take my for it, instead take Ruth Ozeki's. Watch a video clip.

"Storytelling is a way of shaping time." “No matter how much bullying they inflict on my body, as long as I have this hope, I can endure any pain.”
"There's no singular point of view in the book."

The fictional present. - on order to make a story succeed you need to manage time.

Ruth Ozeki praises Chatelaine. [VIDEO]

Here's a video of Ruth Ozeki reading from A Tale for the Time Being

Ruth Ozeki was an absolute delight. I asked her permission to post the videos and she had no objection. What a class act. 

It's so lovely to meet an author who is so gracious with her time. If you have met her, or read her book, do leave a comment below. 

Thanks to Laurie Grassi from Chatelaine Books and kudos to the Penguin Canada crew for putting together such an inspiring bookish event. 

Shilpa Raikar


  1. Some may see this latest work as being didactic; she stated that that wasn't her intention in the talk. Instead, she was open to the idea that her book can be seen through the prism of an Hegelian dialectic. Every reader will use a different frame of reference in terms of beliefs, ideas and experiences and the same author, in turn, will have resoundingly different feedback based on the viewpoint of the said readers. I found it particularly fascinating that she delved deeply into research and she was forthright in asserting that there really wasn't anything as pure fiction.


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