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Y: A Novel by Marjorie Celona

Rarely does a book come along that intricately weaves the tale of two characters so beautifully, while managing to keep them distinctly separate. Y is a story about family, individuality, heartache, perseverance, and the decisions faced in life. 

The story begins with the discovery of a newborn baby, Shannon, on the steps of the YMCA. As you fervently move through the pages of Y, you are constantly faced with the question “why”. The voice of Shannon, the foster child, touches at a heart string. But it is not all about doom and gloom. Marjorie Celona, somehow manages to give the character a tone of voice that is appreciative, adaptive, and individual. All the supporting characters are just as real, and flawed, and we can empathize with their situation (regardless if we agree with it or not). The writing has an incredible human tone to it. 

Y is a tale that reminds us that no one can ever live in a bubble. We are bound by obligations, whether family or relationships, and any one decision affects another, like a domino effect. But in the end, Y also teaches us that we are human, and that the life is what we make of it. Marjorie Celona has done an excellent job in her debut novel. 

4.5 Sukasa Stars