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So what is the book every Canadian should be reading?

That’s what the Turf Wars at Canada Reads 2013 are all about. And this year, celebrity panelists – Ron MacLean, Carol Huynh, Charlotte Gray, Jay Baruchel, and Trent McClellan – are ready to put it all on the line.

With Day 1 done and Age of Hope taking a nosedive in the competition, the war is definitely heating up. The panelists are well-composed and seemingly respective of each other’s opinions (with an occasional playful comedic jab to promote their own book). You may wonder: fun book panelists representing Canada Reads books, which are laden with deep meaning and cultural nuances? Yes, believe me, it works! And with Jian Ghomeshi leading the discussion, this is clearly going to be the most entertaining Canada Reads debate to date.

Ron MacLean, who many were debating as an unlikely choice to defend Age of Hope, was funny and entertaining, and perhaps that’s why when he defended the depression theme in the book, we knew it came from his heart.

And that’s what the debates seem to be about this year. Trent McClennan said that it’s not about taking sides or making alliances for him, rather it’s about defending a book that speaks to him. Jay Baruchel nodded in agreement. Trent compared the tearing apart of a book that a writer has put their heart and soul into, to his own comedy routine, saying that if anyone did that him, he’d be heart-broken, and probably start drinking rum every morning.

In the end, it really isn’t about just defending a book because you want it to win. As Jian Ghomeshi reminded the panelists,  “Which book do you think every Canadian should be reading?”

Join us from Feb 11-14th as we reveal that answer.