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Day 3: Canada Reads 2013 Debates

Yesterday, Jian Ghomeshi said this about February:
“No one’s mentioned February. Is it a shoe in? Should we just give it the award right now?”

Tomorrow we will probably have better insight of Jian’s untapped psychic powers, but for now, at the end of Day 3 of the Canada Reads 2013 debates, Canadians are hemming and hawing about the outcome of this most watched and listened reality show truly dedicated to books.

Going head-to-head with an old classic, Hugh MacLennan’s Two Solitudes, February by Lisa Moore seems to be the preferred choice based on the last few days of debates. But, with the gut-wrenching turn of today’s Canada Reads votes, it’s clear that tomorrow is bound to be anyone’s game.

Today’s debate sparked the most controversy yet: including Charlotte Gray speaking her mind for her dislike of Indian Horse, and Trent McClellan put in the hot seat as the deciding vote between his book and Carol Huynh’s.

Catch the live Day 3 debate online at CBC. If you haven’t read the books, beware, because there are lots of spoiler alerts.