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Day 2 - Canada Reads 2013 Debates

Yesterday, the big question Jian Ghomeshi asked was “What writing style do you most relate with?” Today, the question took a different turn:

Q: Which of these novels did you have the greatest difficulty with, when it came to connecting with the characters?

To watch the video debates click here
With The Age of Hope eliminated, Day 2 was ready for another passionate debate. And, it sure was. The panelists were even better prepared and ready to go head to head against their opponents, but in a respectful Canadian way.

And Mary from Away, was the character Trent McClellan, Carol Huynh and Jay Baruchel connected with the least. Ron MacLean, ironically, couldn’t relate to the hockey loving Saul, from Indian Horse.

The quest is to find the book every Canadian should read. With 2 books down, we can undeniably look forward to the next two days being heated rounds of literary showdown.

To view the video of the debate on the CBC site click here

What do you get when you put a comedian, a broadcaster, a historian, an actor, and an Olympic Gold medalist wrestler in the same room? 

A few entertaining moments by panelists who’re very passionate about the books they are defending. Here are a few of those moments:

“it’s good to have you here being terribly unfunny.” Jian Ghomeshi jokes to Trent McClellan

“You’re dressed as a funeral director again.” Charlotte Gray jokingly says to Jian Ghomeshi before the show, apparently to

“I find sabotage a fabulous weapon.” Charlotte Gray jokingly says to Jian Ghomeshi when he thanks her for giving him confidence by saying, “You’re dressed as a funeral director again.”

“Not sure you want to make an enemy out of me. I moderate the debates.” Jian Ghomeshi to Charlotte Gray.

“You are one of the funniest guys, you were very serious yesterday. You are taking this very seriously.”

Jian Ghomeshi: “You’re kind off a dream woman… because not only are you a championship wrestler, but you’re wearing a yoda t-shirt today, exposing your inner sci-fi nerd.
You’re a fan of yoda are you? 
Carol Huynh: Yes I am
Jian: Yoda like tactics will be brought to #CanadaReads2013?

“I went with my heart, like we all did. And I wanted it to be a bit of a light-hearted approach.” Ron MacLean when asked about why he thought his book lost yesterday.

“David Bergen is a fantastic novelist. I truly believe that this perhaps isn’t his best novel. He’s written other ones that I enjoyed more.” Charlotte Gray