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Y: A Novel by Marjorie Celona

Rarely does a book come along that intricately weaves the tale of two characters so beautifully, while managing to keep them distinctly separate. Y is a story about family, individuality, heartache, perseverance, and the decisions faced in life. 

The story begins with the discovery of a newborn baby, Shannon, on the steps of the YMCA. As you fervently move through the pages of Y, you are constantly faced with the question “why”. The voice of Shannon, the foster child, touches at a heart string. But it is not all about doom and gloom. Marjorie Celona, somehow manages to give the character a tone of voice that is appreciative, adaptive, and individual. All the supporting characters are just as real, and flawed, and we can empathize with their situation (regardless if we agree with it or not). The writing has an incredible human tone to it. 

Y is a tale that reminds us that no one can ever live in a bubble. We are bound by obligations, whether family or relationships, and any one decision …

Gold by Chris Cleave

Chris Cleave takes you on an Olympic journey with Gold, highlighting the trials, tribulations, and personal sacrifices an athlete has to make while chasing after the dream of Olympic Gold.

The butterflies start the moment you start reading the book. Chris couldn’t have picked a better setting – the changing room in the Olympic Velodrome in Athens – to draw the reader into the character and the story. Zoe Castle, twenty-four years old waiting to compete for her first Olympics. It’s a moment she has trained for most of her life, although she imagined it differently. In her dreams, the floors and walls of every building in Athens had “Platonic surfaces, hewn from an Olympic material that glowed with inner light”. Instead, the air smells of drying cement and the conditions as she waits behind closed doors listening to five thousand people chanting her name, is less than ideal. Nonetheless, she must put aside the temporary distractions and focus on what challenges await her on the other sid…

I'm Bored

A delightful children's book that inspires, delights and makes you smile. And the illustrations by Debbie Ohi emit so much emotion that you can't help but turn cartwheels or spin around in circles till you get dizzy. Kids will love it. Don't be bored anymore. 

Written by Michael Ian BlackIllustrated by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

Canada Reads: Celeb Tweets, Turf Wars & Books that bind us.

Canada Reads 2013 is over. During the four day competition, there were gasps, sobs, and triumphs. Congrats Lisa Moore. There were doubts if February was a top fave going in, but kudos to Trent for doing a fabulous job in defending the title. 
For the final Canada Reads 2013 blog post, I've collected a selection of tweets from the panelists: Trent McClellan, Jay Baruchel, Carol Huynh and even Charlotte Gray. Unfortunately there are none from Ron MacLean (couldn't find him on Twitter). And of course, there are some thoughts from our favourite host Jian Ghomeshi. One of his ongoing quotes throughout the debates was something he said his dad always said, "Ron MacLean, he is best broadcaster!" 
Enjoy the conversations on Twitter and you can also follow some of the panellists online. - Twitter handles below. Feel free to leave comments if you were part of this fabulous literary event, or if you have thoughts about the Canada Reads books. Also, if you haven't read the boo…

And the Canada Reads 2013 winner is...

Ironically, the deciding Canada Reads 2013 vote was cast by none other than Charlotte Gray: 
"Two solitudes appealed to me intellectually but I lost myself in February."

The next blog will have more highlights of this amazing finale. But for now, Congratulations Lisa Moore on winning the coveted Canada Reads 2013 title, and kudos to Trent McClellan for being Lisa Moore's Tom Cruise in a Few Good Men and doing an absolutely fab job defending February.

Day 2 - Canada Reads 2013 Debates

So what is the book every Canadian should be reading?

Away by Jane Urquhart