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Artists: Their Lives and Works

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”
Pablo Picasso

Is there a cure for toxic patriarchy?

Sophie Mackintosh's novel The Water Cure was nominated for the Man Booker Prize, and it's easy to see why. There is a fluidity to her writing that sets the reader afloat on a mystical journey. 

Margaret Atwood refers to The Water Cure as, "a gripping, sinister fable!" 

The novel begins with a "loss" of the patriarchal figure in a household full of women. The story is mainly told from the viewpoint of three sisters, Grace, Lia and Sky. Their father, who is not so subtly referred to as "King", left for the shore a few days prior in search of supplies, but has not returned. It is presumed that he will not. 

It's a kind of mourning the family is not accustomed to. While water therapy, is one of the ways the children are used to being healed, in this care it is clear that it is not an option. Their mother (whom they refer to as "Mother") initially panics and her solution to ease their pain is giving them small blue insomnia tablets three to …

Princess Puffybottom...and Darryl

Life is glorious for Princess Puffybottom, until an unwanted stranger arrives. 

Darryl obviously hasn't been read the list of rules when he arrives. He's also a puppy and perhaps perhaps the rules don't apply to him. 

Darrly the messy, annoying little puppy, just continues to put Princess Puffybottom in bit of a tizzy, and she's sure that he won't last in the household. So she patiently waits for the day when he will be banished. 

Just when she thinks that day has come, she realizes that it's a hoax. Now it seems that getting rid of Darryl has become impossible. But then, he starts to grow on her. 

This picture book by Susin Nielsen and Olivia Chin Mueller. You'll know Susin by some of her favourite younger reader books like We Are All Made of Molecules. This picture book takes on the relatable narrative of a classic cat and mouse game, and turns it into a playful teaching lesson; a love story masked in a picture book format.

"Darryl was not bright. Darryl w…

A suspenseful thriller that takes you right into The White House

A White House espionage novel that packs quite a punch, although at times feels like a replay of The Bodyguard. Matthew Quirk has a bona fide blockbuster on his hands with The Night Agent, no doubt on the path of getting scooped up by a film studio (if it hasn’t already).

The Living Kitchen - healing recipes to support your body during cancer treatment

The Living Kitchen is a beautiful book written by two experts in cancer care cooking.

The best secretary ever?

A riveting mystery that's feels like it's grounded in reality. 

What if the suspect was your own child?

Sometimes when you are chasing a story, it can become personal.