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Princess Puffybottom...and Darryl

Life is glorious for Princess Puffybottom, until an unwanted stranger arrives. 

Darryl obviously hasn't been read the list of rules when he arrives. He's also a puppy and perhaps perhaps the rules don't apply to him. 

Darrly the messy, annoying little puppy, just continues to put Princess Puffybottom in bit of a tizzy, and she's sure that he won't last in the household. So she patiently waits for the day when he will be banished. 

Just when she thinks that day has come, she realizes that it's a hoax. Now it seems that getting rid of Darryl has become impossible. But then, he starts to grow on her. 

This picture book by Susin Nielsen and Olivia Chin Mueller. You'll know Susin by some of her favourite younger reader books like We Are All Made of Molecules. This picture book takes on the relatable narrative of a classic cat and mouse game, and turns it into a playful teaching lesson; a love story masked in a picture book format.

"Darryl was not bright. Darryl w…

A suspenseful thriller that takes you right into The White House

A White House espionage novel that packs quite a punch, although at times feels like a replay of The Bodyguard. Matthew Quirk has a bona fide blockbuster on his hands with The Night Agent, no doubt on the path of getting scooped up by a film studio (if it hasn’t already).

The Living Kitchen - healing recipes to support your body during cancer treatment

The Living Kitchen is a beautiful book written by two experts in cancer care cooking.

The best secretary ever?

A riveting mystery that's feels like it's grounded in reality. 

What if the suspect was your own child?

Sometimes when you are chasing a story, it can become personal.

Changing the world one paper at a time

At the start of the novel, we meet ten-year-old Cassie, who lives in Winnipeg. It is 1919, and the Great War and Spanish Influenza have taken their toll. Cassie's family is by no means well off, but she can especially see the impact it has had on her best friend Mary, whose mom works fourteen hours a day, just to make ends meet. There are so many others in this kind of situation and it's no surprise that a general strike is bound to happen. Workers are fed up with the abhorrent working conditions including low wages and long hours. And the impact of this decision has a ripple effect on the whole community.

A soup kitchen that’s opened up to serve families in need, may just be the saving grace for Mary and her mom, who find work there. But, Cassie wants to do her share too and help in any way she can. An opportunity for a papergirl comes up. Actually in 1919 Winnipeg, the job really is dominated by boys, but the feisty Cassie convinces her brother that she’s up for it. She insis…

Far Away by Lisa Graff

Far Away takes a deep dive into the world where the real and supernatural meld together, delivering an unlikely book for young readers that makes the implausible, plausible. 

It takes a few pages into the book to understand just what CJ's situation is. She recalls her fifth birthday, and she was wondering if they were going to have birthday cake. Her mom instead insisted that she had something better for CJ. Nothing's better than cake, CJ thought at the time. And when she was told what it was - caraway pudding - CJ was less impressed at first, until her mom told her a story, of why she was named CJ (Caraway June). 

A bit of background. CJ's Aunt Nic is a psychic who travels from town to town giving readings. CJ's mom passed away when she was born, although her presence is a constant in CJ's life. Hence, the constant conversations with her mom and celebration of birthdays. 

You'd think that this would be a difficult topic for young readers to grasp, but far from it…